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Boss on Holiday

The Owl

click here credit: Ruthy Alon - Releases tension in the shoulder area. How it works: Holding a tension loaded muscle while it does its primary action will release that muscle's excess tension. This is a Feldenkrais learning strategy.

reduce shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain Relief with micromoves

"Shrug Off Shoulder Pain"

Just think and feel what it would be like to prevent, reduce or release the tension, pain and discomfort in your shoulders. You could experience increased productivity, improved attitude and just more happiness in what you are doing. Don't take your work pains home. Prevent this common repetitive injury before it debilitates and aggravates you.

Here are a few suggestions of possible causes relating to computer use:

  • Continuous mousing with your dominant hand
  • Leaning forward over flat paperwork
  • Prolonged keyboarding
  • Raising your shoulders in a stress reaction


QUICK TIP Mouse with the opposite hand frequently or purchase a keyboard with a detachable numeric keypad.

Started Now and you will receive the following micromoves™ for the Shoulders PLUS a program that includes 39 other micromoves™- for Only $49 (US)


All moves should be done slowly & gently without pressure. See disclaimer at the bottom of the page


Water Stir – Releases tension in the neck, shoulder area, whole arm and hand. How it works: Reciprocal Innervation: when one muscle group contracts, the group on the opposing side of the joint relaxes. For example: by contracting the "pecs" (front) you relax the trapezius (back). Repeat once on each side.

The Owl – Restores range of motion for turning the head. How it works: A Brain Gym movement: Neck muscle tension is commonly caused by chronic sub-vocalization (saying words silently to yourself when reading), or by resisting the natural impulse to turn the head to listen. Repeat once on each side.

Boss on Holiday – credit: Ruthy Alon - Releases tension in the shoulder area. How it works: Holding a tension loaded muscle while it does its primary action will release that muscle's excess tension. This is a Feldenkrais learning strategy.

Shoulder & Jawcredit: Ruthy Alon - Releases excess tension in jaw and shoulder area. How it works: Imagery guides action. Doing a moving PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) rather than a static PNF increases the range of motion. This is a Feldenkrais learning strategy. Repeat two to three times on each side.

Arm Activation – Increases range of motion in the shoulders and arms. Lengthens the muscles of the upper chest and shoulders. How it works: This is from Brain Gym: this movement relaxes and coordinates shoulder and arm muscles and frees the mind for ease of handwriting, spelling, and creative writing. Repeat all moves once on each side.

Tricep/Pec Stretch – Increases the length of the triceps and pectorals to relax and improve their range of motion. How it works: The Tricep stretch lengthens the muscle. The Pec stretch counteracts constant flexion of the spine (slouching) by bringing the spine into extension. Exercise takes 10 seconds on each arm.

How does micromoves work?

One of our basic concepts is that "The cause of the pain is most often not where we feel the pain." Shoulder pain can be caused from poor posture, improper ergonomic practices, sitting incorrectly, repetitive movements, immobility, arm and neck positions and other reasons. Therefore we offer a group of
micromoves  to approach your pain more wholistically. Any one micromoves affects the efficiency of the body as a whole.

Move beyond the tightness and immobility of shoulder pain. You are in control of the cause and healing of this discomfort. You can stop the fatigue, strain and burnout that it leads to. Find out how
micromoves can be your portable pain preventer.

Order now for $49 (US) and receive your program with 40 micromoves™ and more


BONUS - You also receive FREE:

  • Ergonomic Tips
    - Discover keys to good body alignment, common ergonomic faults, phone use, tips, monitor alignment, laptop ergo-tips, ergonomic glossary and others. Prevent future aggravation and lost down time by setting up your computer environment correctly.
  • Info Bits on Anatomy on video
    - Understand how each body part functions
  • Downloadable booklet
    - Access all 40
    micromoves conveniently from anywhere (Value $12.00)
A One-Time Fee
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For accurate diagnosis please see a physician.

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